„FIRST, AN apology: I am not going to write about the Wikileaks. I like gossip as much as the next (wo)man. The leaks provide a lot of it, interspersed with some real information. But there is nothing really new there. The information only confirms what any intelligent person could have worked out already. If there is anything new, it’s exactly this confirmation: the world is really managed the way we thought it was. How depressing. Four hundred years ago, Sir Henry Wotton, a British diplomat, observed that “An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.” Since then, nothing has changed except that the ambassador has been joined by the ambassadress. So it is quite refreshing to listen to what they say in secret messages home, when they don’t have to lie. That said, let’s move on to more important things.“

Uri Avnery im Vorwort seines Newsletter zur Wahl in Ägypten